Thursday, April 14, 2016

Peace Candles for Kashmir in Ajmer

The 4th GPM Session, Peace Candles for Kashmir will be held on 16th April at Hotel Merwara Palace Ajmer at 9:30 am. The roundtable conference is organized by Divine Abode Foundation and Kamaluddin Charitable Trust in association with World Metaphysics Research Foundation. 

Kashmir is a Intergral part of India and every Indian must  speak for  Kashmir. Fear should not blind us and we must fearlessly work towards peace and harmony. The aim of the conference is to awaken the people of India so that together we can  enlighten the lives of our brothers and sisters in Kashmir said Gulsha Begum President Global Peace Mission 

Dewan Saheb the spiritual head of Ajmer Dargah &  Mehant Sompuri the spiritual head of Brahma Mandir in pushkar will light the lamp at the auspicious occasion.

Scholars, Doctors, Academicians, Spiritualist, Philanthropist from Kashmir, Delhi and London will participate in the ground breaking topic and  will  light candles of peace. 

Guest of Honour and Media person from Kashmir Komal Singh  will open the session by highlighting the  current scenario , conflicts and highlight the issues  in the valley. 

Keynote speakers will be Sudhir Bhargav Former Principal DAV College , Dr Meghna Sharma from Maharaja Ganga Singh University, Bikaner, Dr Sandeep Awasti Sufi & Vedanta Scholar , Professor TK Mathur and Komal Singh

DL Tripati, Rajkumari Dhandwal,  SP Mittal, Ras Bihari Gaur, Col Rakesh Sharma, Dr Brijesh Mathur, Prakash Jain,  Haji Insaaf Ali,  Sabah Khan, Mahendra Singh Ralawta, Dr Sudeep Rai , Nitin Sharma, SN Chishty , Dr Sathish Arora, BK yogini , Sophia Barta Di Albufera will participate in the ground breaking question and answer session

The aim of the conference is to address the misery with solutions for  the people who are suffering in the valley said Atul Agarwal PRo Divine Abode Foundation

This is a very good  initiative for Kashmir. Its been over a decade that anyone has had the courage to speak for Kashmir and understand the truth of our suffering. This is a great opportunity for us to now speak of the issues of Kashmir where every common man must come forward and participate. Further it's a great platform created by Gulsha Begum where we can fearlessly address the issues of our homeland said Komal Singh.