ISFI 2012

Spirituality finds a very different manifestation in the annual festival of the Sufi culture in Ajmer, Rajasthan.

The 2nd edition of the International Sufi Festival India continues to be a commemorative fiesta to the honor of the Sufi Saint Hazrath Khwaja Moinuddin Chishty. The stunning concepts and symbolic messages merging with the soothing music and dance makes it a must visit..

Ms Gulshaa Begum, Chairperson Divine Abode is known for her contributions in the field of Sufi Art & Culture and commitment to serve for the social cause through festivals and Art Exhibitions in Ajmer.
Isfi is today Regarded as one of the spectacular event with a strong visual appeal. The Festival is a true crowd puller as thousands of people gather here to be a part of the 7 day event.

The essence of sufism includes the unification of the human soul with the Ultimate through the medium of sufi music. As a result, this mega festival abounds in music and dance performances by the dervishes (ascetic Muslim monk). The harmonious dance and melodious music joins hand to create a sublime atmosphere in the entire air.

This year ISFI will bring in Sufi Films & Sufi Literature as part of the ongoing event. Sufi Films will be screened on all days at the newly developed audio visual room Al Ikhlas gallery. The Sufi Literature exhibition will showcase books from various author. There will be around 30 films that will be screened throughout the festival and 250 books from various authors. More than  300 works of Art in varied Media  will be showcased at the Al Ikhlas Gallery. Art works of  Sufi Shrines of the World, Whirling Dervishes, Islamic Calligraphy, Abstract Sacred Art, Miniatures, Mystical Landscape  and many more.

Gulshaa Begum, Chairperson Divine Abode also the Festival Director is a creative artist too. She  will unveil her collection of art work with the theme of deserts and mountains this season for the festival.

Ms Begum says ' We have joined hands with Marwah Studio for the Sufi Film Festival to be a part of the ISFI 2012. Sufi Literature from various authors will be another addition this year. 

ISFI will focus and highlight the traditional Sama of  South Asia " Qawwali. And continue to do so in future too in keeping up the original essence of the festival in  Honor of the Blessed Sufi Saint of the Ajmer Shariff Dargah' says Dr Sudeep Rai 

Get ready to be a part of a spiritual journey that is superbly rich in artistic value and touch. This unique concept of attaining the divine with music and dance is something that needs to be explored and felt

Rang - e - Raqs
Sufi paintings, Films & Literature
Date: 4th to 11th Oct 2012
Time: 11am – 6 pm
Venue: Al Ikhlas Gallery

Sufi Films will be screened at 12 pm at the audio visual room Al Ikhlas gallery

Sema - The Sufi Music Concert 
Date: 5th to 11th Oct 2012
Time: 6 pm onwards
Venue: ( will be updated). Kindly carry your ID Card along with you.

All entry free for all concerts on all days
Seating on first come first serve
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